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Sears Canada

90,000 sq.ft.
Budget $564,000.00
January 2002 - April 2002
Architect: Design Arc
General Contractor - Mckay Cocker
Roofing Contractor - 4 Seasons
Aegis Building Sciences Inc. was engaged by Sears Canada to prepare the roofing specification and provide quality assurance inspections for this new construction project. The challenge was to prepare a roofing specification that would allow for the installation of a new high quality roofing system dunng winter months. The specification that allowed for a quality roof system to be installed during inclement weather utilized a torch applied modified bitumen system installed over a mechanically fastened asphalt board. The installation did not involve the use of hot asphalt. The roof was essentially watertight as soon as the base sheet was installed and this feature allowed the general contractor to execute the interior work without being held up by the roof installation.